The School follows CBSE curriculum with English as the medium of instruction in all subjects except the Second and Third Languages On the guidelines of CBSE the School follows a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation aiming at the holistic development of both the teacher and the taught The pupil’s profile is consistently reviewed to analyse the performance in view of class works and home tasks From the last Academic Year 2018 19 onwards a mandatory diagnostic test was administered to confirm the level of each individual child We believe that such a move will lead the teacher to be aware of the strengths weaknesses of the pupil during the formative months of the new class We believe in the meticulous and rigorous periodical assessment of scholastic and co scholastic domains of the student’s development It also enhances the ongoing teaching learning process by diagnosing the learning gaps and offering corrective and enrichment output


Lower Kindergarten Social Skills, Study Skills, Personality Development, Modes and Moods of Behaviour and Behaviour Modification, Identification and Nurturing of Talents, Training in functionalism and personal chores in particular Study Skills such as Pencil Grip, Identification, Recognition, Differentiation, Comparing and Contrasting, Yes or No, True or False, Basic Arithmetic, Look and Read, Look and Say, Stroke Writing, Sand Paper Writing, Singing, Recitation and Repetition and Communication, Creative and Performing Arts

Junior Kindergarten Basic Language Skills, Compulsory Pattern Writing A to Z Capital and Small, Numbers 0 50 and Conceptual Skill Training, General Knowledge, Life Skills and Social Skills, Creative and Performing Arts, Second Language option begins Hindi Arabic

Senior Kindergarten Proficiency in English Language, Basic Arithmetic, Second Language Hindi/ Arabic, General Knowledge, Social Skills, Study Skills, Work Ethics, Art, Craft and Performing Arts, Physical Education Games and Sports, Music Dance, Life Skills, Personality Development


Grade I II

Scholastic Subjects English I, English II, Hindi Arabic, Mathematics, Environmental Studies Co Scholastic Subjects Computer Studies, Islamiat /Value Education, Muatana Bahrain Geography, General Knowledge, Performing Arts, Craft, Music, Physical Education

Grade III VI

Scholastic Subjects English I, English II, Hindi Arabic/ French (will be offered as a second language only on reasonable demand), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies Co Scholastic Subjects Computer Studies, Islamiat /Value Education, Muatana Bahrain Geography, General Knowledge, Performing Arts, Craft, Music, Physical Education, Third Language Non Bahrainis who obtain the Bahraini Passport must complete a satisfactory course in beginners Arabic Those who do not pass in Arabic will be disqualified PTA initiated activities are held on Saturdays and Remedial Support is offered on week days on request as individual Performance Record suggests For classes I VI, the overall performance of the students is based on their achievement in scholastic co scholastic areas

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Admission is open to all nationalities with first priority to Indian Nationals and those who prefer Indian curriculum (CBSE, New Delhi). Our main intake of children is in March since the Academic Year starts in April. New admissions take place during January – March for the new Academic Year. The second intake is in July – August for the Second Term in September.