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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme is followed as per the CBSE Board consisting of following assessments

  • (A) Scholastic Domain
    1. Internal Assessment will include Surprise Tests, Oral Tests, Projects, Activities, Quiz, Assignments, Class Work, Home Work, Exhibitions, News Reading, Debate and Discussions, Elocutions, Extempore Speech, Story Telling, Number Quiz, Recitation, Declamation, Creative Writing, Leadership Skills, Handwriting Formation
    2. Unit Test will be conducted once in a term and would be taken into account for the package test Package Test Package Test is comprised of the Internal Assessment and the Unit Tests
    3. Written Terminal Examinations will be conducted at the end of each Term
  • (B) Co Scholastic Domain

    Assessment of Computer Studies, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Performing Arts, Islamic Studies and Value Education will be based on a Continuous Evaluation System The assessment will be carried out throughout the year spreading over regular intervals pertaining to the three Terms of the Academic Year of the School The Parents are urged to supervise the study of daily lesson After every Unit the students will be given a Surprise Test This is to encourage self expressions and discontinue rote learning or learning by heart Every activity of the learner inside and outside the classroom is assessed and grades are awarded


  • LKG - Periodical Internal Assessment
  • JKG SKG - Periodical Internal Assessment and Written Tests

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Admission is open to all nationalities with first priority to Indian Nationals and those who prefer Indian curriculum (CBSE, New Delhi). Our main intake of children is in March since the Academic Year starts in April. New admissions take place during January – March for the new Academic Year. The second intake is in July – August for the Second Term in September.