Every NHS student cherishes the visit to the library where a set of exciting books welcomes him to transport him to the word of fantasy and imagination. Our library houses books that instil in our students a love for literature and kindle their scientific curiosity


A State of Art computer lab is another feature which NHS can be proud of. Each student gets a computer to work on and hone his skills under the guidance of qualified and experienced computer teachers.


Physical Education is given prime importance at NHS as we believe in the holistic development of our students. In addition to the regular Physical training classes, the school is starting a sports club to provide our students specialised coaching in athletics and games after school hours.


The vision of NHS is to mould our students into responsible citizens who care for the environment. The vegetable garden in our school in entirely managed by the student members of the Nature Club. They have learnt the basics of cultivation, irrigation, and plant care. Undoubtedly, this valuable experience has given our students a sense of responsibility and awareness of the natural world.


Qualified yoga teacher provides yoga instruction enabling the students to have increased concentration and a healthy life style. Yoga classes are also provided by the instructors assigned by the Indian embassy.


The Annual science exhibition is a major achievement by our science club. Students are motivated to be innovative and to develop the scientific temperament. The experiments demonstrated by the youngsters have often baffled the elders.


The Math Club which is envisaged as an afternoon activity will go a long way in developing the reasoning power and analytical skills of the young minds.


Two counsellors do a meritorious service in our campus by giving the students a patient hearing and giving them the necessary advice.

SPECIAL EDUCATION (Inclusive programme)

The NHS Special Education wing started in the year 2000 with an aim “To meet the needs of children endowed with different abilities providing them with proactive environment.” We believe in their potential and address their needs by providing a one- to- one coaching. Children with autism and manageable learning disability have been availing this service.. We work closely with families to understand their cultural needs and to incorporate these requests into the students’ daily programme and care.

The Special Education Wing is the face of NHS. The focus is on the rehabilitation of children with special needs. Classes are divided according to the age and cognitive domain of the children. There are structured individual training programme aiming at meeting goals set for each level.

Eligibility: A child with special need can be enrolled only along with a relevant assessment / certification by a Clinical Psychologist / Psychiatrist / Diagnostic Centre attested and certified by the Government Psychiatric Hospital in Salmaniya which is functioning under the Ministry of Health.

Classification of levels is done after intrinsic evaluation based on the Health Ministry Records. The classroom programme has a balance of academic learning with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy as well as developing the social skills and life skills to enable our students to function more easily within their families and their community.

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Admission is open to all nationalities with first priority to Indian Nationals and those who prefer Indian curriculum (CBSE, New Delhi). Our main intake of children is in March since the Academic Year starts in April. New admissions take place during January – March for the new Academic Year. The second intake is in July – August for the Second Term in September.