Our Special Education Wing started in the year AD 2000 as a ray of relief to parents with children who have to be specially cared for.

Starting with Karan Mehra, enrolled as the ninth student on roll, the management felt the need to fill the vacuum of a centre that caters to the academic pursuits of this special group within an affordable fee structure.


“To meet the needs of children endowed with different abilities providing them with proactive environment.”

We believe in their potential. Ultimately, they must be productive and functional in their personal life with the strong will to be self reliant. Equip them with knowledge and adequate skill to lead a successful life if left all alone. “We’re not risking your life but we thrive on your prayers and support”, this is what we expect them to say as they are getting trained by the dedicated staff.

Our differently abled children benefit from carefully planned educational programmes. We do not deny differences, but rather recognize and make recommendations for those differences. Our children are integrated with their peers in the regular classrooms. The purpose of this integration is to ensure that children learn from one another in the least restrictive environment. The acceptance of the differently abled by their peers is very important for the success of a mainstreamed setting.

An individualized education plan is develop for each of the child studying in this department. All skills the child may need to develop are listed on the IEP. The IEP is a year long plan of services to the child. Parents are included in the planning of the IEP as they know their child best and can give valuable input as to how their child can be successful. The IEP enables the children to achieve according to their potential.

The Wing operates under the able guidance of Mrs. Jacinta Pinto, Special Educator.

Student Counselling Service

Our Student Counselling Service is supported by a team of teachers trained in meeting the varying demands of students.

The Suquayya Campus is equipped with facilities required for the wholesome development of the Kindergarten children.

The new sprawling premises in Janusan offers a full fledged school with facilities such as:

Science Laboratories
Large Library
Indoor and Outdoor Games Facilities
Qualified and Experienced Teachers
Multi purpose Auditorium
Free Child Care facilities from 6 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
Hygienic Environment
Remedial Coaching