Principal's Desk


Education, the dispeller of darkness from human minds has become the mirror of the modern society. Hence the educators and parents have realized the need to lay emphasis on educating their youngsters on the best instructional lines that they become functional citizens of today’s world. Pre-college training imparted in school from Nursery to Grade 12 is the foundation of a child’s future life. Hence utmost care is required during the initial stages of child development aiming at exploring the inherent potentials of the young child. Keeping in view the above said fact the New Horizon School makes conscientious efforts to identify, nurture and channelize the pupils bubbling energies to develop to the fullest. Every school with a clear vision must provide a unique environment where learning becomes a passionate pursuit of the child who lives in happy surroundings where children of various nationalities come together as a family promoting universal brotherhood and harmony. Here the young learners absorb lessons of social life and learn to respect each other rising above all man-made barriers. Here we the educators train the young ones to smile and make others smile, to laugh and make others laugh with him and willingly contribute his own share to making the world a little better than yesterday. Good luck!