Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Education is a process where holistic development of the individual is achieved through consistent and rigorous measures aimed at effecting social changes and personal excellence through modification of one’s attitudes and aptitudes


We make meticulous plans and consistent efforts to implement the set goals in relation to the individuality of the pupil

To strengthen the weak through mutual co operation where the haves and the have nots come together to empower one another in order to develop self esteem and competence to identify and nurture the innate talents to facilitate self confidence and ever willing attitude to participate in any event performing to their very best

Prepare the individual child to work without prejudices developing attitude of sharing their knowledge and other resources with others To imbibe the right spirit of sportsmanship, work ethics and team spirit without tendency to adapt to destructive criticism and without enslaving themselves to jealousy

Promote fraternity with God unifying force uniting all human beings irrespective of their differences

To develop the proper attitude to prayer and family culture and continue to be the Ambassadors of their family values of integrity

NHS walks extra miles to create self consciousness in minds rising above man made boundaries Our contributional gesture of gratitude to Bahrain is to participate in every National event and to generate a wave of enthusiasm in participating in those events with the aim ::“Know Bahrain while in Bahrain and serve Bahrain with a deep awareness of our civic duties, responsibilities and rights”

With a committed educational visionary as the foundress and eminent builder as the Chairman, the School is set to realize its long cherished dream of infrastructure development at the earliest to commence

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    11th June, 2022 was a remarkable day for the New

    The New Horizon School celebrated World Environment
  • New Management Team takes over the New Horizon School Operations

    We are pleased to inform you that the New Horizon
  • 2022 New Year Assembly in GDN

  • 50th National Day Celebration in NOB

  • 50th Bahrain National Day


Admission is open to all nationalities with first priority to Indian Nationals and those who prefer Indian curriculum (CBSE, New Delhi). Our main intake of children is in March since the Academic Year starts in April. New admissions take place during January – March for the new Academic Year. The second intake is in July – August for the Second Term in September.